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Show Product Sectors


Fresh vegetables, fruits and berriess, mushrooms, table potatoes, nuts, dried fruits, fresh herbs, sprouts. Technologies for growing vegetables and fruits in open and protected ground. Production equipment and machinery. Seeds and planting material. Fertilizers, plant protection products. Post-harvest processing, modified atmosphere technology, food monitoring technology. Air conditioning and cooling systems, heating. Maturation equipment. Irrigation and drip irrigation equipment.


Dried fruits, semi-finished products, spices, organic products, frozen fruits and vegetables, including preserved. Equipment for washing, packing, sorting and finishing vegetables and fruits. Technologies and systems of packaging and processing of agricultural products. Recycling/ recycling systems, cleaning systems.


Construction of agricultural facilities. Digital technologies and applications for the agro-industrial complex. Vegetable storages. Digital systems and services for the production, processing and storage, as well as transportation of vegetables and fruits, commodity management systems.


Transport companies, transport systems. Transportation services, customs services. Cargo handling, ports, fruit terminals, (refrigerated) warehouses. Tracking systems (RFID/Barcode/GPS). Packaging materials and containers. Weighing, marking, and barcoding systems. Bulk containers, containers for transportation/storage, pallets. POS installations and vending equipment. Advertising, marketing and PR agencies in the agro-industrial complex. Quality and safety control of fruit and vegetable products and certificates. Marketing research, statistical services. Associations, research and educational institutions. Press and mass media. Financing and insurance in the agro-industrial complex.

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