“GAVRISH” will participate in “GLOBAL FRESH MARKET: VEGETABLES & FRUITS» Exhibition

“GAVRISH” will participate in “GLOBAL FRESH MARKET: VEGETABLES & FRUITS» Exhibition

“GAVRISH” LLC is a multiproduct company with a reliable material, technical and experimental base, which includes 5 breeding centers in the Moscow and Tula regions, Krasnodar Krai and the Kingdom of Jordan.

The company’s main activities:

  • – selection of varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops for industrial production, farms and home vegetable growers;
  • – seed production of vegetable crops in Russia, CIS and other countries;
  • – providing high-quality seeds to vegetable growers in Russia and other countries;
  • – development of technologies and comprehensive agronomic support for growing varieties and hybrids of the “Gavrish” selection company;
  • – nursery management: nurseries of ornamental and fruit crops operate in the Tula region and Krasnodar Krai (Krymsk);
  • – publishing activity: three professional magazines are published (“Gavrish” — a magazine for specialists of unprotected ground, “Bulletin of the vegetable grower” — a magazine for vegetable growers of a wide profile, “Nursery and private garden” — a magazine for gardeners and nursery breeders), as well as special literature on vegetable growing, breeding and seed production of vegetable crops;
  • – n addition, the company conducts training programs, seminars, consultations, advanced training courses.


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