GFM follows the trends of the exhibition industry!

GFM follows the trends of the exhibition industry!

The five trends of 2023 were named by Kai Hattendorf, CEO of the Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and this:

1. Increased attention to the client

And here, of course, we absolutely agree. Participation in the Exhibition should not only be beneficial, but also be a pleasant and comfortable pastime at all stages.

2. The climate crisis

Suddenly? At this point, Kai Hattendorf says that climatic conditions will affect the formats and time of events, and we just remind you that it is cozy under the crystal roof of the Gostiny Dvor in any weather.

3. More data, less hype

Reasonable use of classical formats and modern technologies is by far the most effective option, so in 2023 we will definitely not build an agro-meta-universe in the center of GFM, but we use some more useful digital technologies.

4. Personnel

At GFM 2022, our HR space was responsible for this trend, and the interest of students and young professionals in the Exhibition was a pleasant surprise. In 2023, we will continue to develop the vector with the help of the Center for Employment and Career Development and the program for the development of young talents in the industry.

5. Readiness for change

Our Exhibitors know that we are always open to discussing new ideas and formats and are ready for creative experiments.

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