GLOBAL FRESH MARKET presents NCC “FLORA” – Participant of the exhibition

GLOBAL FRESH MARKET presents NCC “FLORA” – Participant of the exhibition

NCC “FLORA” is the largest supplier in the Russian market. Supply of mineral fertilizers, seeds, crop protection products, substrates, bumblebees and entomophages. We have been working in the Russian market for 25 years, the geography of deliveries covers all regions of the Russian Federation. One of the main business activities of NCC “Flora” today is biological protection and pollination of plants. To ensure the necessary conditions for storage and delivery of entomophages and bumblebees, NCC “FLORA” uses its own specialized warehouse, a fleet of specialized vehicles and modern logistics solutions.

Our team consists of specialists with a well-deserved reputation in the protected ground industry, with long-term experience in the following areas:

  • – a leader in the production of biological agents or entomophages and other crop protection products for your plants
  • – modern technologies of growing plants in protected ground;
  • – chemical, biological and integrated plant protection against diseases, pests and weeds;
  • – plants’ mineral nutrition schemes for modern cultivation technologies;
  • – selection and use of substrates for protected soil, technological support;
  • – pollination of plants.


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