Know-how from Professionals: NPO “Alternative” presented “dry” “Petritests ®”

Know-how from Professionals: NPO “Alternative” presented “dry” “Petritests ®”

A group of professional microbiologists of the scientific and production association “Alternative” has developed and released new “Petritests ® ” on a dry basis – an improved analogue of the tests that have been successfully used for a long time on a “wet” basis.

The new tests have a number of important advantages, which ensures their successful application and high competitiveness.

The shelf life of dry test substrates is significantly longer than that of traditional, agarized “Petritests ® “. Dry tests are stored for two years, and without the use of special equipment maintaining a low-temperature regime. This ensures profitability in procurement, convenience and savings in the storage of tests.

Unlike classical research methods, “Petritest ®” is designed for fast results. For example, testing for coliform (colimorphic) bacteria (including Escherichia coli) using dry substrates “Petritest ®” occurs within only 12 – 24 hours.

An important advantage of the new “Petritest ® ” is the ability to identify colonies in a dry environment by color. The volume of the aliquot introduced is equal to 1 ml – as with the classical research method.

“Dry” “Petritests ® ” do not require self-preparation of the nutrient basis by the user. This simplifies the use process and completely eliminates the negative presence of the “human factor”, due to which errors often occur.

The use of Petritests within the framework of MUC 4.2.2884—11 “Methods of microbiological control of environmental objects and food products using petrifilms” is allowed by Rospotrebnadzor.

There are 4 types of dry basis test plates in the line today: OMCH (KMAFANM), Coliform (BGCP), yeast / fungi / mold, candida.

For more details: https://b2b-ingredient.ru/

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