“Oktava-Plus” is GFM 2023 Participant!

“Oktava-Plus” is GFM 2023 Participant!

«Oktava-Plus» – is a company with a full production cycle.

We produce a wide range of products for greenhouse complexes:

— cups for growing seedlings by the method of flow hydroponics and aeroponics;

— seedling cassettes for ZKS seedlings;

— brush holders: double hook, Snail (with varying degrees of rigidity), J-hook;

— stem holders: tomato clip 23mm and 25mm, cucumber clip 15mm.

The company’s clients are enterprises of the timber processing, metallurgical, industrial, construction and food industries, as well as agricultural enterprises.

Company Contacts:

📞 +7(817)227-84-77

✉️ oktava-plus@yandex.ru

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