“Rijk Zwaan” company is GFM 2023 Participant!

“Rijk Zwaan” company is GFM 2023 Participant!

“Rijk Zwaan” activity is aimed at breeding and seed production of high-quality varieties and hybrids of vegetables for industrial cultivation in protected and open ground.

“Rijk Zwaan” ranks 4th among the largest international companies specializing in vegetable breeding.

Specialists of “Rijk Zwaan Rus” provide support to clients in the following areas:

– seed sales,

– selection of varieties and technological and marketing support,

– quality control of the final product.

The company’s assortment includes more than 1,500 varieties and hybrids of more than 25 vegetable crops.

Company Contacts:

📞 +7(495)909-54-84

✉️ i.krasinskaya@rijkzwaan.ru

YouTube: https://youtube.com/@user-mz4sy5jc5n

Сайт: http://www.rijkzwaanrus.com/

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