“RISE/ROST” is GFM 2023 Participant!

“RISE/ROST” is GFM 2023 Participant!

RISE Group of Companies — is the leader of the Russian protected soil market. Today, ROST is one of the leading agro—industrial enterprises that ensures Russia’s food security at a high level.

The holding “ROST” includes:

– Management company “ROST”,

– Trading house “ROST”,

– 19 greenhouse complexes,

– innovative logistics centers.

The company has more than 9,000 employees.

Greenhouse plants and logistics centers:

– Greenhouse plants are built using modern technologies and equipped with automated systems for irrigation, lighting, and microclimate maintenance.

– 9 greenhouse complexes are located in 13 regions of Russia.

– The total area of greenhouse plants is more than 500 hectares.

– The largest logistics center is located in the Moscow region. Its area is more than 20,000 sq.m., and its capacity is 500 tons per day.

Products of the “ROST” Group of Companies:

Thanks to the wide geography of greenhouse plants and logistics centers located next to them, we harvest vegetables at the peak of ripeness. On the same day we pack them and send them to customers. The approach and fast delivery allows us to guarantee the quality and taste of the “ROST” products.

The ROST Group of Companies grows exclusive varieties for brands. We focus on the taste characteristics, shapes and colors of vegetables.

Company Contacts:

📞 +7 (499) 389-44-25

✉️ info@rostgroup.ru

РОСТ в ВК: https://vk.com/rost.companygroup

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